Palmer Street

Palmer Street

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Description and location

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Palmer Street is located in Fitzroy and runs off the adjacent main street, Nicholson Street. It is located beside the Melbourne Museum, Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens.

Building types

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  • Linear commercial use along Gertrude and Smith Streets.
  • Interesting education and health precinct located in the southwest corner.
  • Mixed used of commercial and residential typologies.

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  • Palmer Street contains various building types including commercial (Quest Serviced Apartment), educational (Academy of Mary Immaculate) and residential (commission and private house).


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  • Palmer Street has very low traffic volumes due difficult vehicular access.
  • It is blocked off to car traffic in the middle.
  • One way access from Fitzroy Street and high volume traffic in Nicholson Street.
  • Narrow access from Royal Lane.

Street dimensions

Street Dimension


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  • Street parking is divided between public parking and permit parking zones used by local residents.

Tree Cover

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Why choose this street?

  • Complexity of the building types along the street, including a school, church, serviced apartments, residential apartments and commission housing.
  • This mix has the potential for a diverse cultural and social background.
  • Lack of vehicular access.
  • Potential for improvement of the use of the street in future.

A .pdf of the whole area of Langridge Ward can be downloaded here (70MB).
A video montage of Langridge Ward streets can be viewed on Vimeo here.

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