Mihaly Slocombe

We are pleased to present our Streets Without Cars design proposal for Drummond Street in full, including site drawings and rendered images. The briefing information you provided us can be viewed here. You can also view an animated fly-through of the entire project on our Vimeo page, here.

20140223 site plan

Site plan

20140329 section

Site section

20140329 elevation

Site elevation

20140323 14 aerial

Aerial by day

20140220 erica's garden

Erica’s garden

20140323 2 bicycles

Inside a bicycle shed

20140220 living room

Living room

20140323 4 barbecue

Dining room

20140323 5 sandpit


20140323 6 orchard

Vegetable patch and orchard

20140228 bicycle pavilion

Northern entry and bicycle shed

20140323 8 view down park

Northern entry

20140323 9 sport


20140323 10 kiosk

Kitchen by day

20140323 11 kiosk night

Kitchen by night

20140323 12 roof deck


20140323 13 money shot

Southern entry

20140323 15 aerial night

Aerial by night

Thank you to our neighbours for providing your insights and feedback to this project. It may be designed, but it is far from finished. As we will discuss in the next post, we are now embarking on consultation with the City of Yarra to convince them to invest in better streets, shared spaces and living environments.

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