Railway and Brunswick Streets community

Interviews were conducted with local residents of Railway and Brunswick Streets, Fitzroy North. They provided their opinions on the research project thus far. The aim of the survey series was to gain insight into the local community and how they use the site.

The following graphics represent the findings of the surveys:

20141003 railway community #1

20141003 railway community #2

20141003 railway community #3

20141003 railway community #4

Based on these research findings, the following conclusions were made:

  • There is a mix of household types from young families, share houses and retirees.
  • There is an almost even mix of owners and renters.
  • For those who are relatively new to living in their current residence, they have been locals of the area for a significant amount of time.
  • There is a significantly low number of bicycles owned.
  • There is a high percentage of car ownership per household.

20141003 railway community #5

20141003 railway community #6

These access and usage patterns reveal the following:

  • Half of the residents have access to a private courtyard, of varying sizes.
  • 40% have a private garage, the remaining car owners have an allocated street parking space.
  • 100% of the residents make use of their private open space and of the street. Socialising is inclusive of picnics, dining, entertaining and relaxing. Exercise activities include rehabilitation and dog walking.
  • There was general agreement that the grassed area adjacent to Railway Street was underused.
  • Many of the residents were not aware of the high use of the bicycle path, especially during peak periods.
  • Many of the residents were aware of the sale and subsequent evacuation of the residents of the Casa Elda Vaccari building.

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