North and Clark Streets project brief

Following on from my previous post summarising interviews I conducted along North and Clark Streets, this post looks at your ideas and thoughts for the future potential of the street. I asked you about:

  • Your ideas for new uses of the streets.
  • How the facilities could help you and your business.
  • Times of the day, week and year that you would use them.
  • Your preference for communal or private space.
  • If you are prepared to assist in funding potential upgrades.

Here is what I was told:

20141007 north and clark brief #1

20141007 north and clark brief #2

20141007 north and clark brief #3

20141007 north and clark brief #4

Based on this input:

  • Over 60% of you would like to enhance recreational uses for the street by making it greener, with trees and park-like amenities. This could relate to the lack of private outdoor space within properties in commercial areas.
  • 45% of you want a better car parking system. You tend to be more interested in a better organised parking system that suits commercial uses rather than simply increasing the number of spaces.
  • Around 80% of you who think parking is an issue would be prepared to pay for a better designed parking system.
  • Almost all companies that have regular deliveries need better space for truck manoeuvring on the street.
  • 25% of you identify networking with local businesses in the area as a potential improvement for the future street design.
  • 33% of you see some sort of commercial potential in a newly designed street.
  • Your suggestions for usage times are mainly (70%) during business hours, although you also nominate some interesting other times of potential use, such as monthly gatherings or even biannual festival-like events.
  • 59% of you would be prepared to contribute financially to a successful scheme. All of you who said yes to this would accept an increase in rates. About 20% said of you would contribute capital funding if the project has some commercial benefit.
  • 50% of you would be happy to help maintain the future street if you are happy with it. That said, most of those (67%) who are happy to help would only do so if local council takes responsibility for tasks greater than cleaning up rubbish occasionally.

Image sources

  1. Desired street use, this and subsequent images copyright the author.
  2. Times of potential use.
  3. Communal vs private.
  4. Maintenance and payment.

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