Lesney Street community

The aim of interview sessions with the local community of Lesney Street, Richmond, was to discover as much about the local community as possible. Questions asked of residents included:

  • Personal details: name, age, gender.
  • Work: occupation, location of work.
  • Household: family size, ownership of house.
20141002 lesney community #1
Personal details, work, distance travelled to work.
20141002 lesney community #2
The household.

Based on findings from the consultation process, a few conclusions can be drawn about the community:

  • There is a rich mix of age groups, from young couples, to families, to older couples.
  • Most of the community owns their own houses and have lived on the street for a long time, from 7 to 30 years.
  • Most of the community is retired. If residents do work, they work close to home.
  • The majority of residents (80%) use a car to travel to and from work.
20141002 lesney community #3
Access to private open space.

The following conclusions can be drawn about access to private open space:

  • The whole community has access to private gardens.
  • 30% have a garage, only 10% have a driveway and use them for parking.

20141002 lesney community #4

Issues raised by the community:

  • Cars speed up along the narrow residential street.
  • There is Insufficient car parking for residents. This is due to people parking their cars on local streets and walking to East Richmond train station, nearby tram stops and Church Street.
  • The street surface is poorly maintained.
  • The green area along the fence bordering the train verge is poorly maintained, possibly due to uncertainty surrounding ownership of this space.
  • Noise from the nearest pub.

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