Spring Street traffic analysis

The following traffic analysis was conducted on Wednesday the 20th of August and Sunday the 24th of August 2014. Collated over 6 x 1 hour observation periods, the data generated represents the total number of cars, bicycles and pedestrians that utilise Spring Street, Fitzroy.

20141002 spring street traffic #1

The observation periods were:

  • Weekday morning peak
  • Weekday day
  • Weekday evening peak
  • Weekday night
  • Weekend day
  • Weekend night

20141002 spring street traffic #2

The information collated included:

  • Number of cars passing through the street (direction, speed, time spent)
  • Number of bicycles passing through the street (direction, speed, time spent)
  • Number of pedestrians passing through the street (direction, speed, time spent)
  • Number of cars, bicycles and pedestrians arriving, departing, bypassing the street

Weekday 7am-8am

Weekday morning peak
Wednesday 20th August 2014
7 – 8am
8 degrees

Weekday 12pm-1pm

Weekday day
Wednesday 20th August 2014
12 – 1pm
12 degrees

Weekday 5pm-6pm

Weekday evening peak
Wednesday 20th August 2014
5 – 6pm
10 degrees

Weekday 9pm-10pm

Weekday night
Wednesday 20th August 2014
9 – 10pm
8 degrees

Weekend 12pm-1pm

Weekend day
Sunday 24th August 2014
12 – 1pm
18 degrees

Weekend 5pm-6pm

Weekend night
Sunday 24th August 2014
5 – 6pm
12 degrees

Spring Street : Rose Street

The data collated supports preliminary analysis undertook of the street. Worth noting is the glaring disparity between traffic passing though the street compared to traffic arriving at and departing the street. This is something that I want to further explore.

Spring Street |


  • Spring Street is primarily used as a thoroughfare for cars, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Traffic conditions are minimal due to the narrow nature of the street.
  • Cars, bicycles and pedestrians that access the street move through at a slow rate.
  • High volumes of traffic bypass the street via either Rose or Kerr Streets.
  • The Rose Street Market generates exceedingly high volumes of traffic on weekends.
  • Residential access requirements is minimal as there are only 8 residents on the street.
  • The majority of cars passing through the street are searching for a parking spot.
  • Businesses that back onto the street only use it for pickup and drop off (minimal).
  • There is a sense of disconnection from surrounding streets.

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