Lesney Street traffic conclusions

Traffic surveys of Lesney Street, Richmond, identified three different paths for traffic movement through the street. The overall observation shows that the majority of traffic uses Lesney Street as a thoroughfare, compared with arriving at or departing the street.

20141002 lesney traffic conclusions #1

The diagram shows the three different paths of traffic used by cars in Lesney Street, a one way residential street. Route A travels part of the way through Lesney Street and makes a left turn onto Brighton Street; Route B travels along Lesney Street to access Church Street; and Route C arrives into Lesney Street from Brighton Street to access Church Street.

20141002 lesney traffic conclusions #2

This diagram compares the weekday and weekend use of Lesney Street by cars, bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians (including with prams and pets, and using the pedestrian foot bridge). We can see that the majority of cars take Route C from Brighton Street (71% on weekdays; 87% on weekends). We can also see that the majority of pedestrians take Route B (91% on weekdays; 97% on weekends).

20141002 lesney traffic conclusions #3

This diagram shows the average amount of time each mode of transport spends in Lesney Street and the speed at which they travel.

20141002 lesney traffic conclusions #4
Weekday activities

Based on observations, during weekdays:

  • Majority of pedestrians using Lesney Street are residents who walk alone to and from work in formal attire.
  • In the late evening, pedestrian traffic is significantly heavier heading to and from Church and Swan Streets. Pedestrians walking back are seen carrying their groceries from the nearest Coles supermarket.
  • In off-peak periods, one car journey was observed every 14 seconds travelling at an average speed of 30 km/h.
  • Bicycle usage is low in both peak and off-peak periods.
  • Pedestrian use is consistent throughout the day.

20141002 lesney traffic conclusions #5

During the weekend:

  • Pedestrian are generally in small groups: families and couples.
  • In the late evening, car traffic is significantly heavier for both Route A and Route C.
  • Pedestrian traffic is equally heavy in the morning, afternoon and evening. Pedestrians regularly park their cars along Lesney and Brighton Streets to walk to Church Street for shopping.
  • One car journey was observed every 13 seconds travelling at an average speed of 40 km/h.
  • Bicycle usage increases slightly in the afternoon.
  • Pedestrian use is consistent throughout the day.
  • In the evening, cars speed up significantly and are mostly taxis.

A summary of conclusions that have come from the above analysis is as follows:

  • Lesney Street is subject to light car traffic.
  • Car usage is significantly higher along Route B and Route C. Cars use the street as a thoroughfare from Brighton Street to Church Street.
  • Car speed is approximately 40 km/h, which is fast for a one way, residential street.
  • Cars that arrive into Lesney Street are parked for shopping along Church Street.
  • Pedestrians use the pedestrian bridge predominantly to access Swan Street.
  • Lesney Street is well used by pedestrians throughout the day.

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