Railway and Brunswick Streets traffic analysis

The following traffic survey was compiled through a series of 6x one hour observation and data recording sessions of my selected site: the intersection between Railway Street and Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North.

20140929 railway street traffic #1

Observations and analyses of the site stretched over 2 weeks, at varying times of the day and night and under different weather conditions. Data was recorded on Thursday August 21st and Saturday August 23rd. The collection of data includes: the number of cars, bicycles, pedestrians and any other modes of transport (e.g. scooters or skateboards) as well as the direction travelled and whether they were in transit, exiting from or arriving into the site.


Weekday morning peak
Total number of journeys = 728


Weekday day
Total number of journeys = 238


Weekday evening peak
Total number of journeys = 592


Weekend day
Total number of journeys = 157


Weekend night
Total number of journeys = 96

Image sources

  1. Looking south down Brunswick Street, with cycling track running east-west. Photo taken 20th August 2014. This and subsequent images copyright of author.
  2. Weekday morning peak.
  3. Weekday day time.
  4. Weekday evening peak.
  5. Weekday night time.
  6. Weekend day time.
  7. Weekend night time.

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