Johnston Street traffic analysis

The following traffic data for Johnston Street was collected over 6x 1 hour observations, undertaken during a two period in August and September. The observations were made during the following periods:

  • Weekday morning peak
  • Weekday afternoon
  • Weekday evening peak
  • Weekday evening
  • Weekend afternoon
  • Weekend evening

As part of the each session, the following observations were collected:

  • Number of cars, bikes and pedestrians (including pedestrians accompanied by prams or dogs) moving through the street.
  • Direction of travel.
  • Number of arrivals into and departures from properties on the street.
  • Average time taken to travel between Hoddle and Gold Streets (and vice versa).

The following graph collates the data collected:

20140929 johnston traffic #1

Image source

  1. Johnston Street traffic data, copyright of author.

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