Pigdon Street traffic surveys

The traffic data presented in the images below has been gathered and collated during 4x 1 hour observation periods on Thursday the 21st of August 2014, and 2x 1 hour observation sessions on Saturday the 23rd of August 2014. The detailed traffic study was conducted in order to get a better understanding of the nature and volume of traffic along my chosen Streets Without Cars case study site, Pigdon Street in Princess Hill.

The observation site was focusing on Pigdon Street east-west traffic flow, as well as traffic flow running north-south along intersections with Garton Street and Arnold Street.

20140916 pigdon traffic #1

The traffic survey conducted during each observation period tracked the numbers of cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians. The survey also recorded information on the direction of travel, average speed and time taken to travel between Bowen Crescent to the west, and the Arnold Street roundabout to the east. The same information regarding speed, time and direction of travel was recorded for the traffic travelling along 150m north-south sections of Garton and Arnold Streets, with the roundabout at each intersection being the centre point. The traffic survey also recorded any arrival or departures from Pigdon Street and the demographics of the pedestrian traffic.

The following images illustrate the total number of journeys made during each of the Thursday and Saturday observation periods. The time slots for each of the traffic surveys have been strategically selected to highlight the busy morning and evening peak periods, as well as weekday and weekend daytime and night-time periods.

20140916 pigdon traffic #2

Weekday morning peak
Thursday 21st August
8.09 – 9.09am
Partly cloudy, light wind, 8.5 degrees
Total number of journeys = 840

20140916 pigdon traffic #3

Weekday daytime
Thursday 21st August
11.47am – 12.47pm
Partly cloudy, light wind, 14.5 degrees
Total number of journeys = 346

20140916 pigdon traffic #4

Weekday evening peak
Thursday 21st August
5.16 – 6.16pm
Partly cloudy, light wind, 14.5 degrees
Total number of journeys = 820

20140916 pigdon traffic #5

Weekday night-time
Thursday 21st August
6.45 – 7.45pm
Partly cloudy, light wind, 12 degrees
Total number of journeys = 466

20140916 pigdon traffic #6

Weekend daytime
Saturday 23rd August
3.30 – 4.30pm
Partly cloudy, no wind, 19 degrees
Total number of journeys = 488

20140916 pigdon traffic #7

Weekend night-time
Saturday 23rd August
6.30 – 7.30pm
Partly cloudy, no wind, 16 degrees
Total number of journeys = 423

For a more in depth analysis into the traffic flow along Pigond Street please continue reading and visit my Pigdon Street traffic conclusions blog entry.

Image sources

  1. Aerial map, sourced from Google Maps.
  2. Weekday morning peak, this and subsequent images copyright of author.
  3. Weekday daytime.
  4. Weekday evening peak.
  5. Weekday night-time.
  6. Weekend daytime.
  7. Weekend night-time.

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