Melba Ward analysis

20140915 melba ward #1

Melba Ward analysis:

20140915 melba ward #6
Building types
20140915 melba ward #5
Parks and trees

There are only two public parks / reserves located in this area, the Carin Reserve and Dame Nellie Melba Memorial Park. Carin Reserve is a small semi-public park with a modest playground.

20140915 melba ward #4

The area can be easily accessed by tram routes that run along Bridge Road, Church Street and Swan Street. There is no complete bike route within the residential area, however low car speed makes it generally safe to cycle.

20140915 melba ward #3
Street types

The area is a residential pocket bordered by commercial main streets, and can be easily accessed by car or tram.

20140915 melba ward #2

This part of the Melba Ward is bordered by Bridge Road to the north, Church Street to the east, Burnley Street to the west and Swan Street to the south. It consists of mainly residential buildings, with a perimeter of commercial buildings facing onto the main streets.

Other observations include:

  • Parallel parking is the most commonly used parking type.
  • The majority of streets are planted with trees.
  • Street types are mostly residential streets and laneways.

The residential area is located adjacent to busy main roads and likely receive traffic noise from cars and trams. There are few parks and green areas, limiting local residents’ opportunities for outdoor activities. The commercial perimeter of the study area provides convenient access for residents to cafes and shops.

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