Lesney Street

20140915 lesney street #1

Lesney Street is 270m long and runs east-west between Church and Mary Streets. It is intersected in the middle by Brighton Street, which runs south towards the Yarra River. The street is located next to a below-grade train line. The closest train station is East Richmond Station, which is located on the opposite side of Church Street.

The street is predominantly residential in character, with all 17 dwellings located on the south side of the street. Dwellings are a mixture of one and two storeys. On the north side of the street there is a narrow planting strip, then a step drop down to the train tracks. The street is 7m wide, 5m of which is asphalt. It is a one way street running from east to west. Close to the interaction with Brighton Street, there is a narrow footbridge over the train tracks that connects to Swan Street.

20140915 lesney street #2
Green embankment
20140915 lesney street #3
Pedestrian footbridge

Observations of the street and its context include:

  • Traffic along Church Street can be really busy, especially during peak hours.
  • Lesney Street receives traffic noise from cars, trams and trains.
  • The industrial and commercial buildings on the north side of the train embankment overshadow the residential area on the south side.
  • The green embankment bordering the train tracks is not properly maintained, with many plants appearing to be dead or dying.
  • There is potential in extending the street north past the embankment and repurposing this reclaimed space.
  • The pedestrian bridge is 2.8m wide and 30m in length. It is heavily used by pedestrians wanting to access Swan Street.

Image sources

  1. Lesney Street site plan, this and subsequent images copyright of author.
  2. Green embankment.
  3. Pedestrian footbridge.

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