Langridge Ward analysis

Our Streets Without Cars studio was divided into three groups, each assigned to one of the three wards within the City of Yarra: Nicholls, Langridge and Melba.

DT-research activity #3

I chose to investigate the Langridge Ward, which includes the suburbs of Collingwood, Abbotsford, Clifton Hill, Fairfield and Alphington. The overall character of the ward differs from suburb to suburb, with main roads signalling a change in atmosphere between areas. As is expected, urban densification increases the closer one reaches the city, which means there are higher levels of open, green space located within the more suburban areas.

The following categories of information were analysed as a group over the entire Langridge ward:

  • Street types – There is a higher density of streets towards Melbourne’s CBD. Hoddle Street is the main arterial that runs in the north-south direction and the Eastern Freeway is the primary route in the area for east-west traffic movement.
  • Building types – The most common building type within the ward is residential, although relatively high levels of mixed use buildings are dispersed throughout. Building types are often clustered, with greater volumes of commercial, retail and industrial buildings located closer to the city.
  • Locations of parks – There is greater public green space in the north of the ward, such as Yarra Bend Park and other nature reserves surrounding the Yarra River and Merri Creek. Mature trees occur more frequently in wider streets, so as to prevent root damage to properties and roads.
  • Public transport networks – Suburbs closer to the city with denser road networks are serviced by more public transport routes. The outer suburbs to the north of the ward are more reliant on cars, as public transport opportunities are fewer.

Each ward was further divided into approximately 40-60 streets amongst each group member. I chose to examine a Section 1 (see image below), which encompasses parts of Alphington and Clifton Hill. We were then able to conduct detailed street analysis surveys for our given section, which involved photographic, sectional, dimensions, planting, parking and building types surveys.

20140915 langridge ward #2

After visiting and recording information about the streets within my given section, I have chosen Lulie Street in Abbotsford for my Streets Without Cars studio project.

20140915 langridge ward #3

A .pdf file showing all street analysis surveys from Section 1 can be viewed and downloaded here (12Mb).

Image sources

  1. City of Yarra wards, copyright Warwick Mihaly.
  2. Langridge Ward, copyright the author.
  3. Lulie Street, copyright the author.

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