Melba Ward analysis

20141002 melba ward #1

Looking at 46 major and minor streets (excluding unnamed lanes) within the southeast section of Melba Ward, a number of observations can be made:

  • The south end of this zone is split by the east-west train line, segregating it from the rest of the Richmond / Burnley area. Flyovers, bridges and subways have been built to restitch the two parts, but there is still a significantly lower level of social outdoor activities within the southern area.
  • A large portion of the southern area has been industrialised, with larger scale factories, warehouses and enterprises compared to the single / double storey houses of the north. Through the typologies mapping of the area, a variety of uses were observed.
  • CityLink is built along the south edge of the Melba Ward, between it and the river. This has caused many green areas e.g. the Main Yarra Trail to lose their direct connection to the local residential community. Many streets e.g. Barkly Avenue, Burnley Street and Loyale Grove, have been built specifically to connect Richmond with the toll road. These cause heavy traffic (especially commercial trucks ) to move through the area daily.

20141002 melba ward #2


You can download a .pdf of my Melba Ward analysis here (14Mb).

Image sources

  1. Key Plan of Melba Ward, this and subsequent images copyright of author.
  2. Overall Impression of Melba Ward.

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