Burnley Street

I have picked Burnley Street, Richmond, as my Streets Without Cars project site, comprising the east and west lengths of the street running either side of the Burnley Street overpass.

East Burnley Street

20140916 burnley street #1

DT-street analysis

West Burnley Street

20140916 burnley street #3

DT-street analysis

Site location and surroundings

Burnley Street is interestingly sandwiched between a big parcel of industrial area to the west and a residential area to the east.


The street comprises the southern section of Burnley Street either side of an overpass connecting at the sound end to Barkly Avenue and CityLink. The northern end of the street intersects with Madden Grove, which is heavily used by car traffic to skip busy Swan Street, and access Swan Street or the city more rapidly.

20140916 burnley street #6

Street Plan


Quick facts about the site:

  • It is divided into two one-way routes: an industrial street heading north and residential street heading south.
  • Both sections have medium traffic flow, but intersect with busy main streets to the north and south.
  • There is substantial car parking on both sides, plus an additional area under the overpass bridge.
  • The streets operate as a social boundary between the adjacent residential and industrial areas.
  • Athol J. Brown Reserve in the northeast corner of the site is rarely used.

Details of site

20140916 burnley street #8

20140916 burnley street #9

Image sources

  1. Panaroma of East Burnley Street, this and subsequent images copyright of author.
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  3. Photo of West Burnley Street.
  4. West Burnley Street.
  5. Site surroundings.
  6. Street location.
  7. Site plan.
  8. Photos of area under the bridge.
  9. Photos of site details.

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