Nicholls Ward analysis

50% of the streets in the Nicholls Ward of the City of Yarra were visited, photographed, mapped and diagrammed over a period of two weeks from 7th – 21st of August. I conducted this research in collaboration with Petar Petrov.

20140911 nicholls ward #1

We observed:

  • The majority of the streets are residential streets.
  • The majority of the buildings are residences, though there are commercial and hospitality, major and minor precincts.
  • Less than 50% of the streets have access to green space i.e. abut a green space at any point along their length.
  • Less than 10% of the streets have public transport running along them.

20140911 nicholls ward #2

20140911 nicholls ward #3

20140911 nicholls ward #4

20140911 nicholls ward #5

Analyses collected for the 115 streets visited within this precinct can be downloaded in .pdf format here (24Mb).

20140911 nicholls ward #6

20140911 nicholls ward #7

These streets reflect the general character of the Nicholls Ward – that of quiet, residential suburbs, located within walking distance of commercial, hospitality and recreational precincts.

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