Langridge Ward analysis

20140911 langridge ward #1

Langridge ward is one of three wards within the City of Yarra and includes the suburbs of: Collingwood, Abbotsford, Clifton Hill, Alphington and part of East Melbourne. The suburbs and character of the ward vary from north to south, with greater parkland and less urban density towards the north and higher urban density and less parkland towards the south, closer to the CBD. The general overview of the urban analysis is:

  • Building types: the land uses in the area are generally mixed and diverse, but residential is the dominant building type throughout the ward. As you move north towards Alphington and Clifton Hill the grain of housing becomes less dense and parkland increases.
  • Road types: pattern of fine grain residential streets are dispersed throughout the ward but the density of road networks becomes greater as you move south towards the city. In addition, Hoddle Street is a main arterial that connects the entire ward from north to south.
  • Transport: pattern of transport shows that as you move closer towards city, the suburbs are supported by better public transport routes, while northern suburbs Alphington and Clifton Hill have fewer public transport links and greater arterial roads.
  • Open space: further north, suburbs such as Alphington and Clifton Hill have more open and green space. Most of the green space is concentrated around the Merri Creek and Yarra River.

A street survey was carried out, including all the streets within the Langridge ward. The ward was further divided up into smaller areas and the study area reviewed by me includes parts of Collingwood and Abbotsford bounded by Hoddle Street to the west, the Eastern Freeway to the north, Yarra River to the east and Gipps Street to the south. The street survey which includes the thirty seven streets reviewed by me can be downloaded here, it also includes the urban analysis of Langridge Ward.

20140911 langridge ward #2

The overall summary and conclusions of the street survey are:

20140911 langridge ward #3

20140911 langridge ward #4

20140911 langridge ward #5

20140911 langridge ward #6

20140911 langridge ward #7

20140911 langridge ward #8

20140911 langridge ward #9

After conducting the street survey and reviewing all the streets, the street that I have chosen for the Streets Without Cars studio is Johnston Street.

johnson street survey

Image sources

  1. Langridge Ward plan, this and subsequent images copyright of author.
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  4. Summary of edge building types.
  5. Summary of car parking.
  6. Summary of footpaths and lanes.
  7. Summary of bike lanes.
  8. Summary of trees.
  9. Overall summary.
  10. Street survey of selected street.

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