Johnston Street

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Johnston Street is one of Melbourne’s historic streets, established as early as 1857. It functioned as an early civic and commercial centre for Collingwood.[1] The early depiction of Johnston Street is that of a pedestrian-prioritised and human-scale street: wide footpaths, active street edges and ground-level frontages, a mixture of building types, fine grained architecture, canopies over pedestrian routes and a tram service as the main mode of transport. The tram route was inaugurated in 1887 and ran until 1939.

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This is not the condition of Johnston Street today.

For Streets Without Cars, I have chosen Johnston Street in order to tackle the negative transformation that it has undergone due to the demand of cars. As cars came to dominate the street-scape, Johnston Street has developed into a busy east-west arterial road that feeds significant volumes of vehicle traffic between the eastern suburbs and the CBD.[2] As a result, the image of Johnston Street as it appears today is far from its early beginnings: narrow footpaths, poor connections, inactive street frontages, heavy traffic environment, lack of shade/shelter over pedestrian routes, gated windows/doors, lack of trees, lack of amenities for pedestrians and cyclists (e.g. benches), numerous under-used/derelict or vacant buildings and struggling activation of the street. The current main function of Johnston Street appears to be that of a thoroughfare.

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Johnston Street also has immense potential: street edges lined with remnants of historic facades, eclectic building uses, a diverse local community, a rich culture of street art, numerous furniture and crafts-based small businesses, and a large residential community on and adjacent to the street.

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The study area that I have chosen to focus on as part of the Streets Without Cars studio is the section of Johnston Street between Hoddle Street and Gold Street in Collingwood. I feel it represents the best of both the negative and positive characteristics of Johnston Street, and has the potential to offer more to pedestrians and cyclists, and less to cars.


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