North and Clark Streets

My street analysis helped me consider which street would be most interesting to develop. I am drawn to the streets that have more commercial properties around them, and fascinated to see how Streets Without Cars could work in this context.  Additionally, how residential areas surrounding a commercial node could make use of it will be worth exploring.

Clark Street and the eastern end of North Street is an area that exhibits a wide range of building uses.

20140909 north and clark #1

20140909 north and clark #2

20140909 north and clark #3

A bar, food manufacturing warehouses, coffee roaster, car repair and studio spaces populate these two streets. How might Streets Without Cars respond to this context and how can a project engage with such a wide variety of uses? Given the commercial context, the space of the street could be considered the place of commercial exchange: delivery, production, wholesale, retail and consumption.

20140909 north and clark #4

The streets are primarily asphalt (North Street = 9m, Clark Street 8m), with narrow foot paths (1.2m) either side. There is some planting along the nearby River Street running alongside new residential developments.

20140909 north and clark #5

Image sources

  1. Street location, sourced from Google Maps.
  2. North Street analysis, this and subsequent images copyright the author.
  3. Clark Street analysis.
  4. North Street experience.
  5.  Site Plan.

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