Melba Ward analysis

20140909 melba ward #1

This analysis relates to the pocket of Richmond bound by Victoria Street to the north, Bridge Road to the south, Hoddle / Lennox Streets to the west and Church Street to the east. It is an eclectic area made up mostly of residential properties. Culturally, the feeling within the area moves from the bustling international Victoria Street through to very quiet unassuming residential streets. The north end of Church Street is defined by industrial and commercial services, moving down to Bridge Road, once retail haven, now experiencing an economic decline.

Key statistics about this area include:

  • The average street width is approximately 11 metres.
  • 100% of streets have some form of residential property present.
  • 43% of streets are completely residential, 57% are a mix.
  • 55% of streets have trees.
  • 20% of streets have bike paths.
  • 98% of streets have parallel parking.

To see full mapping of these statistics, you can download maps (20Mb) and street data (9Mb) in .pdf format from my research.

Image source

  1. Melba Ward map, author’s own image.