Sneak preview

Work on Streets Without Cars is proceeding quickly. We have a lot of the site planning locked down and are starting to create visualisations of the new street. We want to know what it will look like and how it will feel. We’re asking questions like: how many trees will there be? How much light will filter through their canopies? What other planting opportunities are there? How much space do we have for activities? Here is a sneak preview of two of our more developed rooms with some of these questions answered.

20140220 living room

The living room is all about socialising, playing and cooling off in the heat of summer. It is a generous plaza that connects with the heart of our design, the meals area, which comprises a barbecue, seating areas and shade. The ground is sloped across one terraced platform so it catches rainwater, creating a natural pond (to be augmented by water collected off the roof during dryer months), perfect for a splash or feet dangle. The roof of the meals area is broken into sections and lifted to a 35 degree slope, ideal for mounting a solar panel array.

20140220 erica's garden

Erica’s garden and the hidden retreat above are tucked around the corner behind the kiosk. The garden’s lawn areas are wrapped around plush garden beds filled with perennial flowers. They are the ideal spot for a quiet picnic or lazy Sunday afternoon read. Over the bicycle storage area, the retreat provides room for calm contemplation and views south down Drummond Street towards the city.

Image sources:

  1. Living room. Copyright Mihaly Slocombe.
  2. Erica’s garden. Copyright Mihaly Slocombe.

One thought on “Sneak preview

  1. This looks fantastic! I almost can’t recognise the street, such a great use of the area. It really goes to show how much can actually be done with the space, and how wasted it is as it is now! I think this would really encourage communal living- I would definitely be outside a lot more if these facilities existed. I love the sheltered area as well- all weathers considered!

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