Project brief

Our community consultation process has resulted in a number of thoughtful and interesting ideas, all sourced from your input. We asked about:

  • Your ideas for alternative uses of Drummond Street
  • Ways you can imagine yourselves using these facilities
  • Times of the day, week and year you think you will use them
  • Whether you prefer communal or private uses
  • Whether you are prepared to maintain and pay for upgrades

Here’s what you told us:

/Users/Warwick/Dropbox/MiSlo/projects/0022-Streets Without Cars

Ideas: outer coloured circles indicate popularity of idea; inner white circles indicate interest in using idea

20121217 neighbour use

Use: times of the day, week and year

20131217 neighbour accessibility

Accessibility: communal or private

20131217 neighbour maintenance

Maintenance and payment

Based on this input:

  • You love the qualities already offered by the street. 82% of you suggested installing more of the existing infrastructure i.e. trees, other plants and lawn areas. The aesthetic quality of the street and the ability of more trees to act as a carbon sink were also highlighted as important.
  • You can see yourselves undertaking a wide variety of activities on the street, from sun baking to dog walking, playing football to gardening. Some of these will add to activities you currently undertake within your properties, others will replace them.
  • You feel greatest affinity with treating the street like an extension of your homes. Living (68%), eating (45%) and socialising (59%) are amongst the most popular activity categories.
  • You support altering the way traffic enters, moves through and exits the street. 36% of you suggested blocking through traffic, reducing speed limits or improving ground surfaces for pedestrian activities.
  • You love the sun. 95% of you indicated you would use upgraded street facilities during warmer months, as well as warmer winter days. 45% of you prefer the idea of using the street on weekends.
  • You resoundingly support the idea of retaining the street for communal use. 82% of you requested communal facilities, while only 14% requested an either private, gated or hybrid street.
  • Most (82%) of you are prepared to maintain parts of the street yourselves, though many suggested Council maintenance of larger lawn or paved areas would be preferable. Some of you commented that opportunities for working bees and other neighbourhood social opportunities would be welcome.
  • Many of you are prepared to pay for upgrades to the street. 77% of you were happy to contribute financially. 36% suggested an up front capital investment, while 59% suggested additional Council rates.

Image sources:

  1. Activity ideas. Copyright Mihaly Slocombe.
  2. Usage patterns. Copyright Mihaly Slocombe.
  3. Communal vs. private. Copyright Mihaly Slocombe.
  4. Maintenance and payment. Copyright Mihaly Slocombe.

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