Planting preferences

In September 2003, Thompson Berrill Landscape Design undertook community consultation on behalf of the City of Yarra in relation to street planting masterplans that were proposed at the time. Interviews were received from 85 residents within the Carlton North area, each of whom responded to the following statements:

  1. Existing residential streets without trees will received a higher priority for planting.
  2. In east / west orientated streets, a mix of evergreen and deciduous trees are proposed to retain sunlight in winter to properties on the south side of the street.
  3. Native and indigenous trees have been included in streets near the Yarra River and Merri Creek.
  4. In narrow streets with older style Victorian character, predominantly deciduous trees are proposed to complement their character and retain sunlight in winter.
  5. Where new trees are proposed in roadside cut-outs, consultation with the local community will be undertaken prior to planting to confirm street tree locations and their impact on parking capacity and access.
  6. Where new trees are interplanted with existing trees in footpaths and naturestrips, no further consultation with the community will be undertaken prior to planting.

Responses to the statements were:

20131121 planting q1 and q2

20131121 planting q3 and q4

20131121 planting q5 and q6

While these questions do not relate specifically to the context of Drummond Street, they provide insight into the community’s strong preferences for:

  • A balance between evergreen and deciduous trees to permit the penetration to street level of winter sunlight.
  • A balance between native and introduced trees to acknowledge both the indigenous character of Merri Creek and Victorian character of the terrace dwelling typology.
  • Community consultation on the types and locations of new trees.

Image sources:

  1. Question 1 and 2. Information for this and subsequent images sourced from report prepared by Thompson Berrill Landscape Design on behalf of the City of Yarra. Copyright Mihaly Slocombe.
  2. Question 3 and 4.
  3. Question 5 and 6.


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