Community consultation in progress

20131119 702 drummond

20131119 706 drummond

An essential part of Streets Without Cars is the input we receive from our local community. First and foremost, we want to find out who you are: whether you’re sharehousing or raising a family; how many cars and bicycles you own; how you get to work or school each day; what access you have to outdoor facilities and how you currently use them. We also want the brief for our design to be crowdsourced from your thoughts and suggestions. This will share ownership of the project amongst, as well as better tailor its design to, the community who will benefit from it.

Excluding our own, there are 39 houses along Drummond Street within the site area, all of whose residents we hope to interview. So far, we have spoken with 19 of you and have already started to see some common desires. A few of the many interesting ideas we have received include:

“We could use the street for energy generation and water storage.”
Zelda, architect

“I’d like to see more plants, including trees on the sidewalks.”
Shane, chef

“I like the peacefulness and flexibility of the current median strip.”
Mary-ann, nurse

“Looking at a green environment, even when not actually in it, is relaxing.”
Rupert, high-school teacher

“Green development would contribute to house prices.”
Rosie, salesperson

“I’d like to see road safety training for children.”
Rachel, mother

“Hot springs would encourage me to use the space all year round.”
Meg, graphic designer

“Community barbecues would reinforce the village feel of Carlton North.”
Nathan, online marketer

“Fruit trees would be great at harvest time.”
Andjelka, mother and in finance

“I’d like a space for sitting, eating and beering.”
Carly, medical student

“It could be like Curtain Square, only more local and spontaneous.”
Amy, nursing student

“I’d like to do something creative, make something and give back to the community.”
Chris, photography student

“An open backyard for everyone.”
James, electrical engineering student

“Activating the street edges is important.”
Darcy, builder

“I like to chase the last afternoon sunlight.”
Ben, food-safety consultant

“I would like more grass and more plants.”
Caroline, media and communications student

“Space inside our terrace is limited, so I’d use it for larger social events and entertaining.”
Vanessa, mother and graphic designer

“Street festivals would be good, so we can meet our neighbours.”
Nic, architect

If you’d like to include your own suggestions, or if we’ve already interviewed you and would like to offer some more, please fee free to download our interview template. Print it out, fill it in, and either email it back to us or drop it off at our studio, 698 Drummond Street.

Image sources:

  1. 702 Drummond Street. Copyright Mihaly Slocombe.
  2. 706 Drummond Street. Copyright Mihaly Slocombe.

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