Traffic surveys

The following data was collected during 6x 1 hour observation sessions of the site, undertaken over a two week period in late October. During each session, the numbers of cars, bicycles and pedestrians were counted. More detailed information was also collected, including the average time taken to travel between Fenwick and Curtain Streets (or vice versa), arrivals and departures, direction of travel, and accompaniment by dogs or prams.

20131108 traffic 20121009

Weekday daytime
Wednesday 9th October
11.00am – 12.00pm
18 degrees, clear skies, strong winds
106 total journeys

20131108 traffic 20121012

Weekend daytime
Saturday 12th October
3.35 – 4.45pm
25 degrees, clear skies, light winds
122 total journeys

20131108 traffic 20121014

Weekday morning peak
Monday 14th October
8.10 – 9.10am
9 degrees, overcast
468 total journeys

20131108 traffic 20121017

Weekday evening peak
Thursday 17th October
5.00 – 6.00pm
14 degrees, sunny
179 total journeys

20131108 traffic 20121023

Weekday night time
Wednesday 23rd October
8.05 – 9.05pm
14 degrees, cloudy, light winds
90 total journeys

20131108 traffic 20121026

Weekend night time
Saturday 26th October
7.45 – 8.45pm
14 degrees, partially cloudy, light winds
100 total journeys

Image sources:

  1. Weekday daytime. Information for all images collated by, and copyright belongs to, Mihaly Slocombe.
  2. Weekend daytime.
  3. Weekday morning peak.
  4. Weekday evening peak.
  5. Weekday night time.
  6. Weekend night time.

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