The site

20131105 site plan

The site boundary for Streets Without Cars is the 130m section of Drummond Street in Carlton North running between Curtain Street to the south and Fenwick Street to the north. Shakespeare Lane, a narrow oneway lane running from Lygon Street, enters Drummond Street from the west.

There are 40 dwellings fronting onto the street, with a mixture of one and two storey terraces. The street is 28m wide, 14m of which is dedicated to north and south bound car and bicycle lanes, and parallel car parking. The footpaths are 3m wide with no plantings. A 10m wide central median strip comprises lawn and a row of young and mature Oak trees.

The property highlighted black, 698 Drummond Street, is the location of our studio, Mihaly Slocombe.

Image source:

  1. The site. Copyright Mihaly Slocombe.

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